Meet Terrelle

Age : 11

Terrelle is 10-years-old and is friendly, outgoing and enjoys playing sports with his peers. He is extremely athletic. He plays basketball, soccer, and has recently shown an interest in Lacrosse. Terrelle’s favorite sport is football. He recently joined a flag football team where he plays several football positions, including running back and quarterback and dreams of playing in the National Football League. Terrelle is known for his speed and being an excellent team player. On the field, Terrelle displays great sportsmanship by encouraging his teammates and giving high fives to his opponents when they make a good play.

Like other kids his age, Terrelle enjoys playing board games and video games. He likes playing with his remote-control cars and Beyblades toys. He also likes building things with his Legos. He is good at playing digital building game such as Minecraft and enjoys BattleBots, the thrill sport of robotic combat.

Terrelle is a strong leader and is protective over his family and friends.  Terrelle will stand up for those he feels are being bullied or treated unfair.  He is currently part of a diversity and inclusion group called Youth of Color and has taken a leadership role in the group.  He is an active boy with a lot of charisma and energy.

Terrelle has moved a lot and needs stability to begin to heal. He is in need of a committed family that will help him work through the traumas and losses he has experienced. Terrelle needs a family that would support his involvement in sports and be there on the sidelines to cheer him on during the games. Terrelle would like a family who will keep him connected to his culture and be strong role models.  Terrelle deserves to have a forever family to call his own.

Are you ready to be the family Terrelle needs?


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